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From active, social group walks to leisurely, solo strolls. From gorgeous guineas to bouncing bunnies. From kitty cuddling to cage (or hutch or viv) cleaning. Whatever your pet and whatever his/her needs, there is bound to be a Happy Friends service that fits the bill.

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STOP! Before booking another dog walker or pet sitter, ask about emergency back-up cover - for your pets' sake!

Ever wondered what would happen if your walker or sitter was struck by a sudden, debilitating illness or involved in an accident ......... or worse? Would your cats be left unfed, would your pet miss his medication or would your dogs be left alone to fret and soil the house? Unthinkable? But the unthinkable can happen.

At Happy Friends, we not only have a small, close-knit team of walkers and sitters who can provide cover for one another, we also have an emergency back-up plan in place that allows - should the worst occur - for the proprietor's trusted sister to access the security protected schedule, get in touch with clients (or, in case of need, their nominated emergency contacts) and, if required, arrange alternative cover for your pets. Ask Sally for more details.

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